Day in Helsinki, Goodbye Miia =(


So Miia and I came back to the city, I FOUND my clothes that I had bought. Stupid Ben left them in a public toilet last night and when I went back to find them, they had already shut the place down for the night. So we went back this morning and sure enough, like Japan, Finland is practically crime free and my bag of new clothes were exactly where I had left them. There is good in this world still!

So, we headed for my first run of Hesburger, Finland’s answer to McDonald’s. We went to the Esplanade and hung out and ate in the warm sun watching all the people hang out in the park. It was a nice lunch and we finished with a goodbye. Hopefully her and Jyrki will be able to visit the US!!

I then went to meet Ian and hung out with him for the afternoon along with communicating with my mom about settling finally an apartment in the Bay Area! Wow, I am actually starting a life on the West Coast! How cool! Anyhow, I am about to head for the cruise line Silja to go back to Stockholm!

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