Silja Line back to Stockholm!

I am now aboard the Silja Line Serenade destined for Stockholm. I can’t believe now that I have been away for almost 2 months, that my trip is finally coming to an end. It has been such an awesome opportunity to meet old friends as well as new ones, and learn even more about the world’s different cultures. This trip has been such an awesome experience, and I am so excited to have these memories to begin my career at APL. Wow, I am no longer a student. So many Revelations when you are traveling alone…

2 thoughts on “Silja Line back to Stockholm!”

  1. Dear Ben, there was no contact button on the globetrotter page so I came here to write to you. I admire your travels and experience, I have done some traveling myself, but I always felt erie in staying at hostels. Evidently hostels are your point of touch down in any town, so please tell me if there are different classifications of hostels, or a site where people review and vote for best/worst hostel. I really would appreciate your input.

    Many thanks,

  2. Hi there, thanks for reading! There are many hostel booking sites online and I definitely search and see their reviews before setting up for an arrival. I find it to be less stressful to arrive somewhere and have a place to stay and then change later if necessary. Try :O

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