Day in Medellin

Today, I woke up feeling like I’d slept a lifetime and was happy to have had a full night’s rest. I went to the grocery to get a little breakfast and had a fresh fruit juice with ginger and a pastry.

I then made my plan to go to the botero museum to see the artwork of the famous botero. He paints ‘voluminous’ people and objects and his works are really fun to look at.

I made my way to the subway and to the museum without any trouble and met another American at the train station. After a short chat, he ran his own business as well and was in online ecommerce and from the Bay Area. Small world! He’s here for several months because he wanted to learn Spanish.

The museum was great. I really haven’t been to an art museum where I was really looking at every single picture but this one I was. I’d actually wished the audio guide gave more info! All the works were donated around 2000 by Botero himself.

After the museum I went to get some food at the restaurant there. I texted with Andres and we set a plan to meet at 2. Right at 2 he arrived and I got into the car and we headed for the botanical gardens.

We walked around this beautiful park area, hung out with butterflies in the butterfly house, and enjoyed a pleasant walk through beautiful plants. We saw a lot if girls having photography done for their quinciñeras with nature as the beautiful backdrop.

We then left the botanical gardens and drive for Plaza Mayor and checked out the grounds there. They had a really amazing piece of machinery called ‘Airbol’ a play on the word tree in Spanish. It would take polluted air and transform it through am ionization process that removes all pollutants and spits out fresh air up to 80m away!

Afterward we went to Meet his cousin and uncle for an amazing Italian dinner. This was my first real meal since getting sick. My body completely soaked everything up, and I was so happy that my stomach agreed with everything.

After finishing our meal, Andres drove me back to my apartment and we called it a night.

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