Healing well!

I was happy to start feeling better, albeit very weak still but had a wonderful night sleep.

After a small breakfast, Andres came and parked at the apartment–my place came with a parking space! We walked to the metro station to check out the city by medellin’s spectacular metro system complete with trains buses and gondolas. We took the line all the way to the north and hooked up with the gondola that took us up a huge mountain. We then transferred to another gondola that took us into a beautiful national park called Arvi. It was so interesting to be riding this little gondola above jungle like land that led us to the park.

Once we arrived, we walked through the little marketplace. I felt like I was on survivor as I was extremely hungry yet had ‘lost’ a reward challenge and had to watch Andres devour fried potatoes, cookies, coffee and who knows what else. I had to walk away it was such torture.

I was feeling pretty tired at this point just from being up and about but it was a perfect excursion for the day because we could sit on the transit system yet see so much.

Once back home, I cooked the chicken soup wed picked up the night before and had such a great meal. It was this meal that have me the glimmer of hope that I was nearly done with the sickness in the stomach.

I watched the finale of survivor and the finale of homeland at night to relax (well, that show is tense!) and went to bed for another restful night.

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