Day to Zapaquirá for the Salt Cathedral

Today we got up and started our day by going to Bagatelle, a French inspired restaurant with a circus theme. Unfortunately, something I ate previous gave me a bout of food poisoning (now looking back) and my stomach had been pretty iffy the precious night. I knew something was indeed wrong when a delicious plate of eggs toast fresh orange juice and everyone else’s meals gave me no appetite whatsoever — and worse, it made me nauseous. I’d so been looking forward to the French toast that Sandra had described so it was a sad miss to not even be able to get through one egg.

The lack of eating set me up for a much harder day. Since we were up north in Chía, we planned to go to the salt cathedral in Zapaquierá. When we arrived andres wasn’t feeling so hot either, and I couldn’t help to laugh at what us 3 must have looked like. Sandra’s had a cough for a week now that’s incessant, andres was woozy, and I kept looking for a toilet.

We pressed onward and got to the top of the hill where you can start your descent into the tunnels. Once our tour started, we walked through beautifully lit tunnels that were covered in salt formations, stalactites hung above us as we made our way to the first station. It was a beautiful, interesting and religious feat to have created such amazing designs. They created 14 stations that signified each of the procession points of Jesus’ crucifixion and had alters and crosses made of stone.

At the bottom after passing through 14 stations, it was a humongous auditorium with beautiful acoustics. It was stunning to see the light coloring backing these beautiful crosses and designs. At this point I was probably feeling quite bad and weak since we had descended over 180meters underground, I was definitely feeling exhausted and sick.

At the end if the tour we continued to walk around and I was getting so queasy I went back up at the top to be near a bathroom and get some crackers and Gatorade. I couldn’t believe how fast I’d been hit with this, and it made me feel horrible.

After andres and Sandra made it out, we headed back down to the car. During the ride home I continued to get worse feeling really weak and shaky, along with chilled and pure exhaustion. We dropped andres off at his aunt’s and Sandra and I headed home.

We stopped to get a few items like the hydration drink for babies and some stomach stuff. We got home and I just wanted to take a quick nap as I could barely move anymore.

After my nap I felt better and then we cooked some ramen to get me something in my stomach. It was hard again to eat, but I pushed myself to have something in my stomach.

That night I hit the low point with sweats, and going back to the bathroom frequently, but after my body had decided it had gotten rid of anything and everything, I started to rest much better.

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