Last Day in Bogota

Today I felt so much better. Last night I was so sickly that I really wondered how I’d be able to continue on! But this is part of traveling and experiencing new foods and places.

Today I’d hoped to see the gold museum of bogota but after researching of course they’re closed on Monday :( that was the last hung I was hoping to see in bogota before heading to Medellin tomorrow.

So Andres and I went to the mall instead so we could use Internet. His friend Diana then came and picked us up for a late lunch at a smaller version of andres de res, a popular restaurant in town that has rave reviews. Unfortunately as I’m still getting better, I only ate a small patacone with chicken and mushrooms.

After our lunch, we walked around ‘la zona rosa’ which was a cute little area with bars restaurants high end shopping. We then made our journey through Bogotá traffic again back home.

An interesting factoid about Bogotá traffic is one of their ways of reducing traffic is that on even numbered days, they only allow cars with the last digit being even on the roads during rush hour. Apparently what this did was made everyone go buy another car that had a number that was opposite if what they currently owned. There’s always a way to breach the system!

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