Day Tour of Valencia

This morning I got up and tried to get ready for the 11 oclock free walking tour from the hostel, but instead it was 1 o’clock instead. So I went and had some lunch at a nearby cafe after looking through the Central Market. This one was great as well, and had fresh fruits and vegetables and pastries. I weaved in and out of the stalls looking at all the cool foods which made me even hungrier. I found a nice cookie to have for dessert and headed back to the hostel to pick up the guys.

We all then headed to the Plaza of Tossal to meet up with the walking tour. When we arrived, we saw a bunch of people waiting around for it, and an Irish guy holding the sign. I instantly got a little disappointed thinking our tour was given by a non-native Valencian who probably didn’t know anything about the city — It got worse when during his first few explanations and brief histories of the city and of Spain, he was shaking so badly that I didn’t know how he would make the tour.

Luckily, after about 10 minutes, he calmed down, and did an excellent job at informing us of a really unique history that Valencia had, and some cool insights into the buildings. My favorite tidbit I learned was of this huge house that had the virgin Mary statue above the door. It was a summer home of the king or something (See, he must not have done a GREAT job) but when they were at home, the Virgin Mary turned inward towards the house, with her back to the outside. When they left, it was facing outward. Pretty ingenious technology for back then.

After our walking tour, Daniel, Davis and I left Shane at the hostel and headed for the beach. I was excited to see the beach since my beach day in Barcelona had been ruined. After a 20 minute tram ride, we arrived at the beach and it was fantastic. After we put our stuff down, Daniel and I quickly went to the ocean to swim. It felt so good. The water was nice and warm and the beach was really nice. After a while, I let the guys go back as I wanted to check out the night lights of the aquarium.

On my way to the aquarium, I walked along the Greenway which ran through the entire city where an old river used to be before it was rerouted. The Greenway was beautiful and being enjoyed by everyone. Along the way, I saw some girls dressed in traditional dresses.. It was really nice–I have no idea what they were doing.

I finally reached the aquarium and started taking the pictures as it was just dusk. I made my way to the mall nearby to get some dinner since it was already 9pm. While I looked through the restaurants, I found one that was a Brazilian Churrasscaria. This is where they bring swords of meat to your table and slice you off as much as you want. I was so hungry, so it seemed like a great option.

After dinner, I went back outside, and to my surprise none of the lights were on for the aquarium. Yet again my night photography was jinxed, and I started my long way back home.

When I returned to the hostel, Shane and Daniel were going out to get a drink before Shane headed to Granada–on the same train I’d be taking a day later. So I joined and we had a nice evening out chatting and finally bid Shane farewell. We planned to potentially meet up while I go there tomorrow.

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