English Tutoring

Tonight I started my first night of tutoring two Japanese children in English. I took the train to North Sydney, which is such a fantastic ride–the train goes across the Harbour Bridge and you see beautiful Sydney, the Opera House perched out on the waterfront, Luna Park… it’s great. Once the mom opened the front door, I started to speak in Japanese, and the mom whispered, no Japanese! Then the girl walked by and in Japanese said, ‘he can speak Japanese!’ So, we then convinced her I couldn’t because I would make a blank stare throughout the chat about me not being able to speak and eventually she believed me. The two girls were nice and could understand English pretty well. It was funny though, because when they don’t understand, they whisper to each other in Japanese saying, ‘does he mean such and such?’ and I have to act like I can’t understand them. It’s funny in my mind. Anyhow, I’m glad I got a couple of students, and hopefully this will lead to more.

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