Pakistan’s Quake

Lately I’ve been having to do a lot of research for a Business Communications class about bias in the media–surrounding natural/national disasters. As I was reading this article about Pakistan’s latest earthquake tragedy, I just wonder how long the US can keep sending ‘cash’ to aide other countries before we just run out of our own. And, I couldn’t help but laugh when Bush is quoted saying that many Americans will “be asking for God’s blessings on the people of Pakistan.” How would Americans react if when the Hurricane Katrina took out New Orleans, that we received blessings from Allah via the people in Pakistan. What ever happened to the separation of church and state, where Bush should be saying, we will pray for the people in Pakistan, instead of specifying that only the Christian Americans will be asking for blessings–while ignoring all the other denomiations within US borders that are sending their blessings as well.

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