Enough Already!

I swear, this has been the worse season in my life for sickness. If it wasn’t stomach issues, it’s been sinuses, or strep throat, or something else. I’ve now had sinus issues for a week now, which makes going to work hell. There’s nothing worse than sitting in a stale office, when your back and neck are tight from sinus pressure. Thank goodness it’s the weekend. I’m getting excited for Mexico, I’ll leave on Friday. It’ll be so nice to relax and enjoy the sun. Work has been pretty busy. I helped with interviewing a new class of Management Trainees, and found that it’s amazing of how the process goes. What are they looking for? How much do they really know of the person they’re hiring? I think my view is pretty good for them to see, because as they may see them as employees, I see them as potential teammates, and I watched carefully how they interacted with one another, and gave full feedback to the group. I think 6 of the people I had on my list were chosen of 9.

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