Evgeny and Work

Today, Masha and I got up and had a lazy morning chatting and looking at the entertainment magazines I had brought with me. It’s amazing how news of our ‘stars’ travels oceans–ie: Masha knew of Britney Spears’ sisters’ pregnancy. I just found that out last week! Guess there are some advantages of such globalization and the exchange of information :)

I then took the subway to meet Evgeny for lunch and to join him for his afternoon visiting the architecture project he’s helping manage with his company. The Domodedevo Airport is quickly overtaking the passenger intake into Moscow from the old Soviet hell-hole known as Sheremetyevo. We are no longer friends after my recent experience with Passport control, and in my future trips, I’ll be directing my flights through Domodedevo from now on. The airport is older and farther out than Sheremetyevo, but it is built on ‘Western’ management styles including service, logistical efficiency, and new roads. They are building a huge new glass facade, parking area, and really making it be attractive withint the next 3 years to gain more and more airlines’ participation. After some errands for work, we drove the tin can back to Novogireevo where I’m staying. During our journey, a liquid started dripping in the passenger area–along with a smell. This just added to Evgeny’s frustration with this crap car and along with no horn, no driver’s seat functioning seat belt, he’s about ready to drive it off a cliff.

When we arrived home, Masha and Grisha were waiting on us for dinner that Masha prepared. I had a good tomato vegetable soup. We then chatted about iphones (more to come later) and I showed them the YouTube clip about Miss North Carolina. For a refresher, click here. We are having the evening in, and preparing my plan for spending the day with Katya tomorrow to visit some museums, the Kremlin, and other areas around Moscow.

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  1. Hey Ben, glad you are having a good visit to Russia. Keep the updates coming. Please tell Evgeny we said hello from Tennessee.

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