Sushi Dinner

Tonight, Katya, Evgeny, Grisha, Masha and I all went to a restaurant to let me taste some Russian sushi. It was quite good! Evgeny is not happy because today his company car has been changed from a decent Hyundai to a Lada. A Lada is a Russian-made car, that basically looks, sounds, feels, acts like a metal box on wheels. Add that plus 30 years of use, and you have our new corporate car for the family :) It does make the experience all more Russian for me, because sometimes now I can forget where I am since there are so many upscale malls, bmw’s, bentley’s, mercedes’, all around us. It’s definitely a paradox to see such a separation between classes.  It’s still not snowing, but it is freezing, and there’s lots of ice on the ground, that walking home tends to be a slip and slide. Which reminds me of something funny from the kindergarten. The weather is unusually warm for Russia and to not have snow for Christmas and New Year’s is very odd. So during the children’s song and dance, when santa asks, and what do we throw in winter?? The children apparently all yelled ‘stones’ rather than the expected ‘snowballs’. Guess they’ll have to wait a little longer for more snow to come..

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  1. mmmm, sushi sounds so good! I’m glad your having fun and can’t wait for your sushi party when you return :-)

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