Full Day in Tokyo

This morning, I headed downtown to Ikebukuro to meet Nakagawa-san. Soon after we met up, we headed for a taxi to bring us to the boat dock for our tour on the Sumida River that runs through Tokyo. Once on board, the weather was nice enough to be outside, and the cruise started. I had never been on this river before, so seeing Tokyo from this vantage point was really cool. The boat kept a good speed as we went through the edge of Tokyo. By the end of the trip, I had attracted a couple of older women who couldn;t believe how well I was speaking… That:s the fun part about being in Japan for me, so many people like to talk with me! After our conversation, Nakagawasan and I headed for Asakusa, a traditional temple that I frequented many times. Its funny to see how some things have changed so much, and how some things haven:t changed. After our walk through the stalls and to the temple grounds, we headed for a traditional lunch of Ten-don. What I miss from Japanese cuisine are the home cooking style of meals since SF is full of sushi places, one thing it lacks is a good selection of typical japanese cuisine. Like raw horse ;)

After our lunch, we took the subway down to Ginza, went to the apple store and walked around the streets. Ginza is like NY;s 5th avenue, so it has all the chichi shops and such. Great window shopping! After our walk, we met up with Sekisan, and headed for some electronic shops.

We cruised around the area looking at buildings, shops and such until our dinner reservation at a teppanyaki place called ten, in Ginza. Here we had a feast of all sorts of dishes. It was a great dinner! Nakagawa san has been a great host and took great care of me! 大感謝!

2 thoughts on “Full Day in Tokyo”

  1. Glad you had some good “down home” cooking! All is well here. Good to hear from you. Love you. Mom and Dad

  2. Keep the updates and pictures coming as best you can! Everyone misses you. I rode my bike to work yesturday and was so hungry I thought ” I COULD EAT A Horse!” Maybe I’d fit in a little in Japan! ;)_

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