Long walk from akihabara to tokyo

Today the weather wasn’t so great soarter a little shoppin in akihabara and a visit to mos burger I was on my way. Akihabara was pretty surprisin how much this fun Japanese electronic capital has change to merely a china town filled with foreigners and cheap souvenirs. The most shocking thing as hearing Chinese not only through loud speakers but also throughout the store announcements. The charm of being able to deode everything by myself has been lost with the globalization of Tokyo. Obviously this is true for most major cities and as or Tokyo, their bid for the 2016 olympics means being accessible by the entire world. I spent the entire afternoon windin down the streets of neighborhood after neighborhood stumbling upon fin eateries and old wooden houses. It reminds me of being on a movie set- it’s like do these places really exist in real life?

The skies remained loony and chilly as I reached Tokyo station and saw the major construction going on.

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