Great Day at the Beach with Toby and Paula


This morning, Toby and I decided to go to Manly as the day was absolutely gorgeous. After taking the train to Circular Quay, we boarded the ferry for a short ride to Manly Beach. We grabbed some lunch and met up with Paula. The sun was so hot it felt so nice. It’s so strange to see Christmas decorations and such when you’re out on the beach sunbathing. We spent the afternoon enjoying the sun, playing frisbee and playing in the ocean (just a little bit–it was still a little too cold for me!). Anyhow, Paula is heading to the states in a few days, and bid her farewell in the afternoon. Toby and I then continued on walking around Manly to different areas taking in the gorgeous views of the endless sea in front of it. It was great. We then headed back to Potts Point for some pizza for a nice ending to a perfect summer day.

One thought on “Great Day at the Beach with Toby and Paula”

  1. whoa, i think it’s really wonderful %))
    my friend’s aunt found her sweetheart & moved to Australia with him. )) she says she always wanted to have her birthday in summer (it’s in January).. and now her dream’s come true %)))

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