Hiking to the Sound of Music

Today, I met one of Daniela’s friends, Daniela, yes I know it’s confusing, but anyhow, we all went together for a hike up this mountain. It’s in the same area where the Sound of Music was filmed, so I am sure you can imagine how beautiful it was. I think also that I couldn’t have had more perfect weather for the hike… the sun and the temperature was absolutely awesome! The only bad thing was I have allergies?! My nose was running, sneezing, and having a fit, I guess I can’t handle all this clean air! Anyhow, the hike was great, and we’re relaxing the rest of the afternoon. Actually Daniela has to work at this dinner, so me and Dorni (Daniela’s sister’s boyfriend) and I are going to hang out and go to a party.

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