Hitler’s Eagle Nest

Today, Daniela, Verena and I set off in the morning to see the old hideout of Hitler in the hills of Berchtesgarten. We paid $12 which was a complete rip off for this bus that took us to the top of the mountain, and from there we could either hike up the rest of the mountain to the Eagle’s Nest or take a huge elevator up to the top. The weather was completely awesome, so we decided to hike the way up. You would not believe these views, as they were sights I had never seen before. The massive mountain tops with snow covered cliffs and the green trees toward the bottom really made this trip a picturesque memory. Unfortunately, the Eagle’s Nest is really just a nice place that you can sit down and eat with obviously an amazing view of the mountains and lands below. There was absolutely no museum within his house. After we descended the mountain we walked over to a museum that was more about the history and stuff about this time during the war, and Hitler’s rule. It was really interesting because it had a lot of film and pictures from the Holocaust and details about some of the ideas behind Hitler that I don’t think are always completely explained in books. Anyhow the entire day was a really cool event with the mountain fresh air and the amazing views, I would definitely put this site in a things-to-see list.

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