I Finally Got the iPhone :)

iPhone 3G

I finally got the iPhone! After over a year of patiently waiting for a hardware that could support faster speeds, I’m glad I waited. Surprisingly, I felt I’d be the only one with a white one, but I’ve seen more people with white ones than black ones. It’s been a great way to connect my PC with contacts, get everyone’s info up-to-date, and have the city of San Francisco at my fingertips–no pun intended. I’ve been able to find my way with my scooter all over the town now complete with real time GPS assistance if I’ve happened to make a dreadful turn on a one way that lead me somewhere I wasn’t intending to be. I’m also able to find restaurants, gas stations, and just about anything you can think of when you’re out and about. It’s been a great gadget to customize and I’m looking forward to traveling with it!

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