SushiGuru Launches!

banner_sushiguruAs most of you know, I have been patiently trying to get an iPhone out since last summer. After all this time, I finally was able to work with someone to get this project done, and it only took a few weeks once I got someone to work on it. Now the ball is rolling, and from meeting my developer, creating my own LLC, registering with Apple, submitting the app to Apple for approval, it was just over a month!

I’m pleased to introduce SushiGuru! The first of hopefully many apps to come! I hope you all take a look at my company, Globetrotter Designs LLC. SushiGuru is the first application. Thanks for all the support and be sure to continue to tell your friends!

Scary Realization of the ‘Grand Public’

Today I was waiting in line at the post office and something completely absurd and scary happened. I was annoyed when I came in because there were only two open registers, and a line of about 10 of us–all I needed to do was pick up a package.

When the cashier at one window finished the last customer, she looked at the first person waiting and said, ‘Using credit or debit?’ The customer said no, cash. So she said back sorry I don’t have any cash, and then yelled out, anyone using Credit or debit? So the next person in line went up to the window saying I’d like to buy one stamp. She said, are you using credit or debit? The customer says, no, cash. So she sends him back in line.

This cashier did this all the way back to me, and I’m just laughing appalled at the ignorance and lack of hearing comprehension of this whole spectacle. Every single person ignored what the cashier asked, and went up anyway thinking they could use cash. How does this happen? The woman behind me must have had a functioning brain as well, be we were just laughing at the absurdity of it all.

This is why we have to ensure that our voting ballots are crystal clear and error resistant, and put those bizarre warnings on things like ‘microwaves are not meant for drying clothes or live animals.’  If the government is ever looking for a ‘test group’ to see if something is fool proof, please visit the Post Office of 94109 in San Francisco.

The year of 30.

2009 has started off to be a great year so far. For the first time in long while, I finally feel settled, and ‘at home’ with my life in San Francisco. It’s taken a couple of years, a rocky employment situation, and a consistency with people to finally feel situated, but it’s great to feel there are things that I can depend on again.

It’s strange to think how fast time went by last year. Usually my life has been punctuated by big events of travel, excursions, an ambition of doing something new, but this year, despite doing most of those things, it seems that those punctuations aren’t as loud. I guess I’m finally in a routine now, and with routine, time flies. I am happy that I was able to go to Russia last year, and I even made it back to Chattanooga. I also did a quick trip to New York as well, and an even quicker trip to Hawaii. All in all, the year flew past, and I’m excited to see what this year brings.

For all of those born in the year of the Sheep (羊) or 1979, you know this is our year of turning 30. There are scary things about moving to another decade of life, but with turning 30, I feel like I’m reflecting on everything that I did in my 20s. Unlike when I turned 20, I hardly thought about what I did when I was 10.

It has been 10 years since I moved to Tokyo to go to school. Japan has always been a dream of mine and that year was one of the best years I’ll ever remember. The excitement, the youth, the freedom of being a student, the soaking of information was all just more than I could dream about. To celebrate 10 years of ‘relative absence’ in Japan, I’ve decided to go back to Japan to celebrate my 30th birthday. I can’t think of a better destination for this special occasion, and I’m already planning meeting up with old friends, seeing my old school and apartment, and creating itineraries for discovering new friends, new places, and new experiences.

Be sure to visit during my trip this spring to watch as my journey unfolds of visiting Japan during it’s most culturally significant time of year, the Cherry Blossom Season–the time of new beginning.

MILK, the Movie

I remember driving around the city seeing filming, and hearing about the movie. I didn’t know who he was, what he did, or what the story was about. But, I was invited to join the opening night in the beautiful Castro theatre, one of the most amazing theaters I’ve ever seen. It’s got a huge auditorium with a full balcony, and a pipe organ that raises up out of the floor. Before the show, there’s an old man who’s playing the pipe organ as everyone sits.

The movie was incredible. I think sometimes it’s even better when you go in knowing nothing, because it’s even more inspiring/touching when you learn about so much so quickly. The thought of the struggle that went on for the Gay Movement just 30 years ago, and the unbelievable realization from Nov 4 that the struggle is still alive, made me happy to be living in such a progressive place like San Francisco. It’s still amazing to me with all the problems in the world, that this receives even a second of attention denying rights. I’m awed at Harvey’s bravery during the 70’s when it was still legal to raid bars and arrest men for simply being in there drinking. The old footage of these arrests, the shame that everyone held from societal persecution, was just so overwhelming to see.

Not knowing the story, the ending of Harvey’s life was absolutely shocking. From the previews, I had assumed it was an assasination during one of his speeches. Seeing how people are able to escape legalities is disturbing, but it’s a problem that we will always face. If the president can declare an illegal war, and there’s no punishment for the detriment of the country he’s put us in, how can we believe that people who are tied up in politics/legal environments will always do the right thing? It’s a scary thought, and this movie only highlights one groups struggle. When will everyone wake up, live and let live?

Prop 8 Protests

Since we voted in November, unfortunately a vote that won in California was Proposition 8 which fights to ban the gay marriages that have been happening in California for months now. It’s amazing to me in this time of economic downturn and national strife in war, that so many resources, energy and finances (especially from churches–ahem, separation of church and state, please?) are wasted on fighting against loving couples wanting to have the same rights as others who are partnered for life. If there’s any fight at all, it should be to outlaw divorce. If marriage is so sacred, then how is it so easy to cancel it, even after a child is brought into it? Why not focus on your own families and not worry about what ‘thy neighbor’ is doing to raise their families. How terrible to have a child who is wholeheartedly loved because of what struggle a same-sex couple had to go through to actually get rights to have one? And what a tragedy to teach a child of acceptance and tolerance at such a young age. Actually, I can think of a lot worse things. What’s even more amazing to me about this whole silly debate, is the demographics of the voters against it. Incredible that a majority of minorities think it’s valid to take rights away from other minorities. The national protests all started simultaneously, so I participated and showed support at San Francisco’s rally at City Hall. It was peaceful, loving, and it was incredible to see the support from people of all races, gay or straight, boy and girl. It was really cool. How can you try to ban that?

Yes We Can!

Today marks the most politically charged day in my life. I have never been so engaged and inspired by a national election, and more importantly, proud to be an American. For the past decade, there has been such tarnish to my thoughts on America and its direction, especially since I was living abroad twice and saw the effects of being an American abroad. Views outside of the US are often very more telling than being incubated within the confines of American media.

Congratulations to everyone, even those who didn’t vote, or voted McCain, because this change will bring success and progress for all.

Today marks the new era for America, and I’m thankful that we’ve come together to move forward.


Upcoming Journeys

I’ve finally decided to go back to new York after six years. My first trip to New York was with the University of Tennessee spring break trip where a group of us went by bus there. While it was a good trip I feel like there are plenty if things I didn’t get to see so going back will give me the opportunity to visit some places I haven’t seen yet. Plus what an amazing way to get some good ol’ photography in!

I’ll be visiting a friend from grad school and seeing what Halloween in the big apple is like– I’ll have to figure out a clever costume! Stay tuned for pictures of the trip in November!

I Finally Got the iPhone :)

iPhone 3G

I finally got the iPhone! After over a year of patiently waiting for a hardware that could support faster speeds, I’m glad I waited. Surprisingly, I felt I’d be the only one with a white one, but I’ve seen more people with white ones than black ones. It’s been a great way to connect my PC with contacts, get everyone’s info up-to-date, and have the city of San Francisco at my fingertips–no pun intended. I’ve been able to find my way with my scooter all over the town now complete with real time GPS assistance if I’ve happened to make a dreadful turn on a one way that lead me somewhere I wasn’t intending to be. I’m also able to find restaurants, gas stations, and just about anything you can think of when you’re out and about. It’s been a great gadget to customize and I’m looking forward to traveling with it!