Joe missed his flight– Out with Melissa and Jackie


So after I bid farewell to Joe, I headed out to Eclipse for dinner and then to the street market on Copacabana to look for any souvenirs–Right when I went in, I saw Melissa and Jackie right in front of me! They told me that Joe had just called them and said he missed his flight, and that he was heading back into the city. So lucky I saw them! So we walked around, and I got a couple of souvenirs, and we headed back to Melissa’s apartment to wait for Joe to arrive. We chatted and after a while, Joe arrived and told us his saga of being driven around and around..

After that, we headed to Eclipse for Joe to get some food, and then the girls arrived to get us for the birthday party of some of their uni friends. We went to the club Bunker 94, but were unimpressed with the people in line and the music, so Joe and I opted to not go in. We then called it a night and headed back to our apartment–which was a convenient 2 blocks away. :)

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