Arrival in Guam, then Bali


At the airport in Guam, there was a huge line for immigration. We wanted to leave the airport and at least touch a nearby beach, just to say we had seen it and been there, but also, because Guam is a US territory, we can send stuff “domestically” and not be charged so much! So, luckily for us, the US immigration line had NO ONE in line, so Maya and I went right through and left for a couple of hours. We went to a nearby beach and it was really nice. It’s funny to see such American stuff in Asia. Anyway, it was fun, and we made our way back to the airport to get on our flight to Bali.

That evening, we arrived in the airport in Denpasar, the main city on Bali. It was amazing to see this airport, due to it being like grass huts where we went through customs! Really, it was a tropical paradise, but little did we know what we had in store for us during this experience… We spent our first night in a place in Kuta Beach, where all surfers from around the world come to enjoy the cheap accommodations and awesome surf. Our room was about $2 per person, which was kind of expensive to us, (for the fact that we were expecting around $.50 or so.) Anyway, we went to bed that evening for high hopes of our adventures the next day.

Plane to Guam

Bali, Indonesia. The land of the world’s most beautiful sunset. This was also my last trip before returning back to the US. It was definitely sad to see all my friends for one last time. We decided to all go to a club in Kichijoji to watch one of the other exchange students perform (he does rap). Maya and I stayed there the entire night and put our backpacks in a locker at the train station. Then, the next morning (yes, we stayed until morning) we went to the airport in Narita, and took a shower (yes, they have showers there for rent) and got ready to board out plane to Guam. So, needless to say, we were beat, and ready to get on the plane to sleep. On our way to Guam, the plane had a lot of turbulence due to the typhoon that had been in the ocean. This was most definitely the scariest ride in a plane I have ever had. Anyway, we arrived in Guam for our connection.