Plane to Guam

Bali, Indonesia. The land of the world’s most beautiful sunset. This was also my last trip before returning back to the US. It was definitely sad to see all my friends for one last time. We decided to all go to a club in Kichijoji to watch one of the other exchange students perform (he does rap). Maya and I stayed there the entire night and put our backpacks in a locker at the train station. Then, the next morning (yes, we stayed until morning) we went to the airport in Narita, and took a shower (yes, they have showers there for rent) and got ready to board out plane to Guam. So, needless to say, we were beat, and ready to get on the plane to sleep. On our way to Guam, the plane had a lot of turbulence due to the typhoon that had been in the ocean. This was most definitely the scariest ride in a plane I have ever had. Anyway, we arrived in Guam for our connection.

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