Last day of Classes for my First Week

Today, I headed to lunch with Paula downtown, and then headed to Immigration to get my work permit in my passport. I have officially filled up my passport now. :) After Immigration, I went to school and headed for my Cross Cultural Management Course. I walked in, and it was a huge cohort of about 200 people. I saw an open seat as I walked passed a group of obvious foreigners, so I sat down. Boy am I glad I did. I sat down on a row with a german guy, a swedish girl, a gujarati! girl, and a chinese girl. How perfect is this environment for me? So, I introduced myself in each of their languages and impressed the heck out of everyone ;) The teacher was from South Africa, and very articulate–I’m really looking forward to the course.

I then went to get some books from the bookstore, and then headed to my next course, Business Communications. It’s a pretty small class, and the teacher is American. From New Jersey at that. I sat next to a Canadian girl, and the class seems pretty engaging. Overall, I’m quite happy of the courses, and all but that one class seems great! But, I think 3/4 is a great ratio!

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