Last full day in Kauai

Today, I wanted to relax on the beach a bit as it was the last day in Kauai. Before that though, Mitch told me that Ryan was driving up to the Kilauea Light House up near Princeville, which is somewhere that I wanted to see. So we drove up there, and it was such an impressive site. The mountainous overhangs beside it with the water crashing high up into the air was fantastic. The Lighthouse was so cool looking and there were ducks wandering around the area grounds. There was an island right in front of the Lighthouse that had a Spouting Horn type of lava hole that would sound off and shoot water up like a geyser too! It was really a fun stop on my sights of Kauai. I was then dropped off at the condo and met up with Rebecca and others for lunch, and then spent the rest of the day on the beach, in the ocean, and in the pool. It was so nice and relaxing.

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