Lazy day in Sydney

Today, we woke up late due to our partying last night, and started out the morning with some shopping. We went around Oxford Street that became a nonstop store by store visit for buying jeans, a couple of shirts, etc. We also went by the travel centre to buy a ticket up to the Gold Coast for next week. We’ll leave on Monday and go up to the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Byron Bay and return back in Sydney on Thursday night. We ended up then having dinner back on Oxford street at an Italian restaurant, and before we knew it, it had fallen to night. Time is going by slowly here which is great, because it seems like we are doing so many things! That night we went to a couple of bars to see the nightlife of Thursday night, and as expected, nothing too stupendous. Luckily tomorrow is Friday so we’ll go to dance!

One thought on “Lazy day in Sydney”

  1. Grandma is here with us looking at your journal and photos from your other travels. We’re very excited to know that you are having a great time. Sounds great!!! We are enjoying keeping up with you and Grandma is especially excited to see your web site. Love to you from all of us. Mama

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