Train to Central Station and the Blue Parrot

As we left the airport, we boarded a train for a quick 10 minute ride to the City Center. First impressions: I LOVE IT HERE. It’s got the feel of England, the convenience of the US, and the scenery of San Francisco. Everyone who had told me about Sydney before told me that I would absolutely love it, and after just a few minutes, I could practically agree. On board the train, we met Jaime, a guy from California, who had been living in England. He has just moved here for potentially one year, and we all went toward King’s Cross together. We headed for a place to eat lunch, and ended up at a really cool Italian deli, that had the best salads and sandwiches. After eating my weight in food, we headed for a hostel that was located right next door called, the Blue Parrot. It was run by an eccentric woman named Christine from Greece. She was hilarious, and gave us our room in the dorm. After we got settled in, we all headed for a walk to see the area. Along the way, we passed by a hotel called Medusa–the same hotel I remembered my friend Nick worked in. Well, low and behold, I go up to the door and he was working! So, he told us where to go, what to see, and we got an idea of the direction of what we should do for the few days we’re planning to stay here for. After a walk around the city, ending up at the harbour next to the Opera House, we headed back to have a power nap before our night out in Sydney. We headed for a nice Japanese dinner at ‘Wagamama’ and my meal consisted of teriyaki chicken, avacado/tuna sashimi salad, and apple/celery/mint juice. It was delicious. We then headed out for the evening at a popular club, and rolled back into the dorm after dancing and partying ourselves out! This was a great start to my stay in Sydney, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of our time has in store for us!

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