Lazy evening in Amsterdam

What a lazy evening! I really have just been piddling (sp?) around the hostel, napping, reading, and walking along the canals. haha. Not to rub in what a good time I’m having, but just thought it needed to be said ;) Thanks everyone by the way for writing so many comments! I enjoy hearing what you write =) Anyhow, tomorrow, I’m planning to meet with Sigrid and Paul, they both studied at UT during the 2001 year, and we’re going out for dinner tomorrow. So, tomorrow I think I’ve decided on going to see the tulips, and then on to the Van Gogh Museum, and finishing up the evening seeing Sigrid and Paul. It should be cool to catch up. Other than that, I’m just enjoying the beautiful weather. Did I mention that it is still light at almost 10:00pm?!

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