Van Gogh Museum

This morning, I got up and walked to the Museum. From the hostel (in the Jordaan district), the walk is actually quite nice. The sun was warm, and the sights were always just as interesting. Anyhow, I got to the museum, and good thing I got in when I did, because when I was leaving, a huge line had started forming. So, I went through the museum, took just about an hour, mainly because I only wanted to see the famous works like the Sunflowers, the Bedroom etc.. So, I was able to go through quite quickly due to the lack of people inside the museum. I just finished having lunch in front of the Palace–there’s a huge plaza there, and it’s fun to people-watch there. Now, I’m going to head to Centraal Station and hop on a train and visit the Haarlem district which I’ve heard is nice to see.

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