Lazy Sunday in Singapore


As everyone had been out so late the previous night, we all woke up late as well. We then all met up at the pool and started to come up with ideas on how to spend the day. The more I sat at the pool, the more I thought it would be a good idea to stay at the pool and relax. The others wanted to go to Sentosa Island to lie on the beach. So we split, to make plans to go to dinner or the laser night show at the merlion on Sentosa. After a relaxing day at the pool, Justin, Angie, Wilfred and I all went to Suntec City for shopping. We only hit the first floor and already spent too much time shopping, so we had to cut out to head to the laser show on time. We hopped in a taxi and headed for the show. Once on Sentosa, we went to get something to eat, as we didn’t make it in time for the first show, so we had to see the 8:40 show. For some reason, there was no food to be found, and after only having had lunch today, I was completely starved. We watched the show which was completely a kiddy show (which was quite different than the one I saw last time I was here, and on our way home, we stopped to eat something from a hawker stand. Once back, we met up with everyone at the pool for chatting and then I headed to bed.

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