Exam Time

So we all got up for our exam this morning, and had our breakfast and got on the bus for the ride to the office. Once we got there, our seating had been segregated into two different rooms and we started our exams. Once I got to question 10, I noticed the time was almost 10 o’clock. The professor said distinctly, please be concise with your answers, as 3 hours may seem like a long time, it is. We don’t want to read long answers to these questions, so be direct. So, as the exams that were posted for our reference, I saw that the questions were 1-2 sentences, and the answer was very direct, about 4 answers. So, after I started, I found that even though I felt like I had spaced out the entire week, either just osmosis, or subconscious learning, or experience all together, allowed me to answer all of these questions with not even referencing my notes. (which were provided). After question 10, I noticed that it was almost 10 o’clock, so I thought I had completed in a normal amount of time. So, I finished up, and got the memory stick to turn in my work. I was the first one finished, not surprisingly because most people are really overachievers here, and want to excel and compete. I didn’t think however, that I would be waiting until after 1 o’clock to see them again. Once they arrived at the hotel, I was so stunned that they had all stayed the entire time. “What took you guys so long?” Well, we wrote a lot.. How long was your paper? Oh, about 7 pages. 7 pages?? The professor said CONCISE! Guess people started rambling, so it will be interesting to see the results. Does short and sweet win the race, or does long, drawn out, and too much info impress the profess-or? Stay tuned.

After lunch, we went to the soccer field for our competition. No one expected me to do well (thanks team), because I had never played soccer before, and really wasn’t interested in doing so, but that was just the pump I needed, because I’m quick, and agile, and completely surprised everyone with my ‘beginner’s’ luck at the game. Of course, I did make the mistake of when the ball came at me from the air, I used my hands to block my face-forgot that was illegal. Anyhow, after the game, we went back to the hotel, to get ready for our dinner. We have hardly any free time here. So, we went down to the Northern Indian food dinner, which was quite good. Had some drinks, and took pictures with everyone and all our new cameras. We then got a together and headed to Mohammed Sultan, which is a strip of road, that has a lot of bars and clubs. We ended up at Cheeky Monkey. Once we got in, there was pretty good music playing, so I was excited to finally dance. After about 20 minutes though, the songs started repeating. There were a lot of people there, and there was a small stage with two poles for dancing. It was hilarious to see these Asian girls completely getting ‘jiggy’ with it and shakin’ it like there’s no tomorrow. So, Tom, Rob and I at the end of the night decided to get up on the stage and show the ladies up. It was absolutely hilarious. Everyone was cheering and taking pictures, so it was definitely a fun night. That evening, Rob and I headed off to Taboo to check out that-it was pretty nice, and the music was of course good. We’ll probably head back Once we left, we took a taxi home and arrived around 3am. We decided to go to McD’s because it was the only place open, and we stumbled across the group. We then all went back to the hotel together.

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