Lenin’s Tomb — Again


The next few days, either Katya and I, or I myself went out to enjoy Moscow. We did the sightseeing things, but the est thing th tI hadn’t seen my first trip was the Faberge Egg collection that is on moving display. This was really lucky becuause usually this display is elsewhere, and for my luck, Faberge had it’s display in the Krem=lin this month. So, I went to this. Very interesting and ornage eggs were made by a frenchman who lived in Russia, and made these eggs as gifts for Easter for the Czars. What makes them so famous is that they would contain a unique toy inside that were so minute in detail. It was really intersting to see.

I did see Lenin’s body again actually, and it is so funny to see what my imagination had done with the interior of the Mausoleum. I mean, my memory resembled what was actually there, but in my mind, the wall decor was really quite different. Funny how your mind can make you believe different things. Anyhow, to disappointment, the grand St. Basil’s Cathedral was practically all covered by scaofolding, so Iit wasn’t as impressive to see Red Square this time around. Very disappointing. I wanted to mainly take some cool photographs with this in the background.

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