The Big Day!

The days qiuickly went by and Saturday was right upon us. The day of Evgeny’s wedding. So, Mom, Dad, Katya, and I all went together to meet Evgeny. Evgeny had his suit on, and I had my shirt and tie on. We then got his friends, decorated cars, and got prepared to get the bried. The bride was on the 7th floor in their flat getting prepared. To get into the flat however, you must answer quiz questions and pay money to go up to the top. Guarded by her friends, the entrance to the building was the first obsticle. He answered various questions and then was allowed to pass. We all followed him upstairs to where the door of the hallway was blocked by Masha’s aunt. There were more questions, and then the most difficult of the tests. There was a sheet of paper that that had all the girls’ kiss marks on them. He had to pick which one was Masha’s, before he could enter the flat. Good thing, he picked hers in only 2 tries! Then as we entered the flat, she was standing on a chair in the living room with her bright red and purple wedding gown. Before he could get her down, his friends had to lift him up to her face to kiss her. After the kiss she was able to get down and join Evgeny. It was so cool to witness all the festivities for the wedding. We all got in cars and drove to some city registrar that will update your passport with the name and info of your new spouse. Yes, Russians must carry a passport for intracountry movement, that contains information about their address, their children, marriages etc. So, after a quick 10 minute ceremony that resembled our weddings, the bride and groom said ‘da’, and moved to another room to sign the license.


After the wedding ceremony, we went to famous places in Moscow for pictures and enjoying being outside before the restaurant. The reception was held in a restaurant just in front of the Bolshoi Theater, named Alcapulco Mexican Restaurant. This was Russian-Mexican, so no tacos, but more like potatoes and salso :) There was dancing, music, food, more food, then even more food, and toasts! There were gifts given, mainly money, but I did see a blender and coffeemaker too! This was an opportunity to spend with his friends and enjoy the banter of a Russian wedding. I had a lot of fun, and I am so glad I was able to go.

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