Looooong Day to Pisa, then to Cinque Terre

This morning I got up to head to the station in Naples to catch my train for La Spezia up in the north of Italy. It was a VERY long ride, and I hadn’t had much sleep the night before so I was really tired the entire day. So, I made a connection in Rome, and then headed for Pisa, to see the Leaning Tower. I got out and made it to the tower, and took the picture of of course me holding it up, and my finger pushing it up and such, so it was nice. I then made it to La Spezia to get to Cinque Terre. So after a full day of train ride, I started the hike from the station up hill to find a place to stay. Unfortunately, right when I arrived I went to the reservation area and they said, no rooms in Cinque Terre, go back to La Spazia. I was NOT about to get on the train to make another journey with all my stuff. So, I went to the street, found an American, and was asking if they knew how to get a room. Then a girl in front of us said, is it just you? So I said that I was the only one needing a room and she offered their apartment, because there were 6 beds, and only 5 there. I said if that was fine with them, and she said of course, because none of them knew each other before either. So, here I go into this apartment which is absolutely amazing. Leslie is from Colorado, and will be a freshman. Melissa is a sophomore at Colorado State, then there’s a guy from Atlanta who goes to Georgia Tech, and two Seattle people who are 27, and traveling for several months. So, it was nice to have been saved by them, and the apartment is 2 stories, has a terrace that looks out to the Mediterranean Sea, and all floors are tile. It is a sweet deal for just €21.50.

So, after dinner with my flatmates, I decide to get stuff from the grocery store like water and juices. On my way to the grocery store, I see Alex, who studied at UT on an exchange program. It turns out that he lives in this paradise!! So, we talked for a while, and he was meeting one of his friends, Daniella, from San Francisco. So, Daniella has 5 friends from San Francisco visiting with her, so I got to meet all of them, and hang out. After I met all of them, we decided to meet the next day to go to the beach together. After I left them, I headed for the grocery store again, and then I hear someone whistling at me. At first I wasn’t sure it was at me, because I usually am not whistled at, but I turned around and saw Brian, who was in my Logistics 411 class with me this last semester. How random is this.. So, anyhow, I decided to hang out with him for the evening, and we sat out at a pub just meeting people and chatting. I love Europe.

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