Movie Night!

Tonight, the flatmates, Mikey and I all went out to the Verona Theater near Paddington for a movie. We headed to dinner at Bill & Tony’s, which Stephen and I had Veal and Vegetables (which was so so) and Mikey and Chris had the Veal Schnitzel–which was quite good. Of course, here I am trying to be healthy and have ‘mixed vegetables’ with my meal, which was a mix of carrot and cauliflower. So alas, I needed a dessert. So we headed to the theater to get our tickets, and then went over to the cafe next door and had the BEST chocolate cake. It was SO good! We then headed over to the theater and watched Mysterious Skin, which was a controversial film that almost didn’t even make it to Australia. It stars the boy from 3rd Rock from the Sun.

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