Nap and Asado for Dinner–then to Sha

I was really tired from the trip to Córdoba, so I took a nap and woke up before it was time for dinner. We had asado, which is the Argentinian barbecue where it´s non-stop meat coming to your plate. Our dinner must have lasted about 2 hours, as we totally get engrossed in our conversations from topics ranging from politics, internet, past friends, future plans, and business ideas. There are very few people that I can just sit and talk to for hours, and Brian´s definitely one of them.

After our dinner, we went to one of his tango classes to watch the others tango for a bit. It was so interesting, and I really want to watch a tango show now!

After Tango, we headed for Sha, and continued talking and had some drinks. The ambiance was amazing, as it´s an old building, kind of like the bar Leo and I went to in Buenos Aires, called Million. After Sha, we headed back home as it was quite late..

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