Night Stroll


Again, the weather was really nice. So, after dinner, I went to walk around the city. I found myself at the river, and noticed a huge pendulum. Well, and a pendulum be inverted like a metronome and still be a pendulum? Whatever, it was a big stick swinging back and forth at the top of the hill looking over a city. I mean this thing was huge. I figured it was a clock or something, but by the time I climbed the whole hill (there’s a park up there) I found no indication of it being a timepiece. So, looking out over the red tiled roofs of Prague, I relaxed and thought about how amazing this trip has been thus far. I love it so much, and every day I am learning something knew not only about life, but about my life as well. It’s the kind of cliché “find yourself” type trip I guess, but being alone in such a beautiful place conjures up a lot of thoughts–and I enjoy the thinking…

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