Off to japan!

This morning I woke up early to get all my stuff together for my trip. Last night I got a beautiful birthday cake that I wasn’t able to eat so it just got a free trip to Tokyo:) I got my iPhone loaded with lost, survivor and desperate housewives so I hope to see a decent charge on the phone to let me watch them all. As I joked yesterday I may have to go to the lavatory and plug into the charger there ;) these past few months have been extremely busy-perhaps the busiest ever. I’m so excited for my break and to visit my childhood dream of japan for cherry blossom season is the beat rejuvination I can imagine for my new decade of life. Stay tuned as my adventure unfolds!

One thought on “Off to japan!”

  1. hey Ben,
    sorry I missed talking with you before you left; hope you enjoy your trip to Japan. I saw your pictures from your birthday dinner and it looks everyone had a good time.

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