Scary Realization of the ‘Grand Public’

Today I was waiting in line at the post office and something completely absurd and scary happened. I was annoyed when I came in because there were only two open registers, and a line of about 10 of us–all I needed to do was pick up a package.

When the cashier at one window finished the last customer, she looked at the first person waiting and said, ‘Using credit or debit?’ The customer said no, cash. So she said back sorry I don’t have any cash, and then yelled out, anyone using Credit or debit? So the next person in line went up to the window saying I’d like to buy one stamp. She said, are you using credit or debit? The customer says, no, cash. So she sends him back in line.

This cashier did this all the way back to me, and I’m just laughing appalled at the ignorance and lack of hearing comprehension of this whole spectacle. Every single person ignored what the cashier asked, and went up anyway thinking they could use cash. How does this happen? The woman behind me must have had a functioning brain as well, be we were just laughing at the absurdity of it all.

This is why we have to ensure that our voting ballots are crystal clear and error resistant, and put those bizarre warnings on things like ‘microwaves are not meant for drying clothes or live animals.’  If the government is ever looking for a ‘test group’ to see if something is fool proof, please visit the Post Office of 94109 in San Francisco.

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