Paddington Market Cafe

Today, I worked at the cafe at the Paddington Markets–I got there at 10am and met the other workers who were tons of fun! I learned the cash register and learned about all the different cafe type foods and the coffees. I did pretty well if I say so myself, but I did make a funny mistake. As a non-drinker of coffee, all the words of the different coffees and such didn’t make much sense to me–like Flat white, long black etc.. One womany came and asked if we served ‘Oyst’ coffee, to which I thought it was a brand name, turned and asked if we served ‘Oys’ coffee.. Everyone started cracking up as it was just a woman asking for ‘Iced’ Coffee. Anyhow, the afternoon went by fast, and I made some good cash, so I’m hoping I’ll work again this Saturday to help alleviate the cost of my Halloween party this Saturday night! Last week of classes here I come!!

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