Photography Day in Sydney ***


Today, I woke up and got my stuff together for picture day and headed out for lunch and downtown. Ended up at the rocks, went through the markets and such then headed for Circular Quay. Great views of the opera house and bridge, and the day was clear and sunny. Mike met up and we headed through the botanical gardens where we found wild cockatoos that would come right up to you (and crap on you). We fed them peanuts, had some pictures, and then headed on our way. It was getting so hot that we decided it would be fun to go to the public pool–so we got our bathing suits on and went for a snack, then to the pool. It was so nice. There were lots of people and we met some new friends. The water was so nice and refreshing, and salted! It was like swimming in the ocean.


That night we went with our new friend Greg out to China Town and had a chinese dinner. After some hilarious things at dinner, we headed for night photos. During the night photos, James, a guy we had met earlier this week came to meet up as well. We continued walking around–the night was so nice, until I finally needed to retire back to the dorm for some sleep for our trip up to the Gold Coast.

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