Trip to the Gold Coast

This morning, I got up a little bit early because I didn’t calculate the time properly. So we got a head start and moseyed on to the airport. Once there, we had a snack and boarded our Qantas flight to the Gold Coast. We had a great flight with beautiful weather, and watched the amazing coast line develop right before our eyes. The higher we got, the bluer the water got. After about an hour, we arrived and found our way to Surfer’s Paradise, where, unbeknownst to us, is where the Australian Spring Break is held–so teenagers who have just graduated high school, called ‘Schoolies’ are swarming around and such. It’s quite a sight to see, and really reminded me of Florida–After wandering around for a while, we got settled and went to the beach. The world’s largest residential tower is being built–they have the first 50+ floors done, with another 30-40 to go. We went out for a nice dinner, looked at the kids, then headed to bed. I’ve started having a little bit of sinus trouble the past couple of days, so hopefully it won’t get worse.

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