San Francisco’s Homeless Problem

So I was at the train station with two friends. I’m in the middle of two ends of the spectrum when it comes to the homeless/beggars. We were approached by a man who claims to have been just 68 cents short of making his trip to Berkeley and was asking us for money. I thought what an odd number to make up, because the train only goes in 5 cent increments. Anyhow, after he asked, one friend said, ‘Well, unfortunately, I’m short that same amount to my stop too’. Then, the other end of the spectrum whipped out her purse and said, ‘Ok, here’s a quarter, but next time, plan your trip and buy a two way ticket so you don’t come into this problem again.’ He grunts and then walks away. As he’s walking away, I’m appalled at his lack of politeness with taking the money and not saying anything, so I said, ‘You’re not even going to thank her?’ He turned around, and grunted again, and shook his head probably thinking, I’ve asked the WRONG crowd here for money. He handed back the quarter, and went along his way to ask more people for that mysterious 68 cents needed to exit the station over in Berkeley.

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