Sergiev Posad

Sergiev PosadToday we drove up to Sergiev Posad. The drive wasn’t very long, and it was nice to see some different terrain. There was more snow here than in the city, but mainly I think it’s because of it being white and not so dirty from roads. We arrived and parked the car after taking a round to check out the site. It was really impressive, and it reminded me of a fortress with it’s walls. But behind the walls you knew it was anything but a fortress. The blue and gold domes, classic in Russian Orthadox style, towered above the white walls as we approached from the distance. It’s really so cool to see such amazingly beautiful, yet SUCH old architecture. It’s amazing what structures man was able to create so many centuries ago. After several pictures, we wandered around the grounds and visited the churches. After a couple of hours, my hands and feet were getting cold despite my handwarmers. I can’t believe how chilled you can get after some time out there, but I figured I needed a quick break for some food and warmth. We managed to find a great little restaurant called “Ёлки-Палки” Yolki Palki. Inside was decorated in an interesting theme with trees and such. We ordered some skewered meat, fries, and Pelmeni in an amazing broth. The Pelmeni is apparently something that Evgeny tells me I didn’t like the first time I was here in 1997, but now, it was so good to me. I can’t comprehend how I didn’t like it before, but I guess we all have things in the past that we don’t remember not liking. After leaving the restaurant, we went back to the churches to let me take some last pictures of the area at night. I was hoping that it would be lit at night, but unfortunately, it wasn’t. So I didn’t take many night photos–but the ones I did I think will come out good.

We then headed back to Moscow to meet up with Masha and Katya for our night out clubbing. We got ready and drove to the center of the city to a club to check it out. It was interesting to hear the music, as there was one dancefloor that featured Russian Pop music that everyone was lip synching to. Of course I had no ideas of any of the songs, yet the group Via Gra came one (choice name apparently), and they sang a song that I had heard here before. The club was fun, and unfortunately, very full of smoke. So after a few hours of dancing we headed out to go home.

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