Sightseeing with Eric in London


Today was eventful as I went around the city. I was able to use the Tube to get everywhere I wanted, and I went to visit some of the sights. Eric showed me around the cool places in London going to the parks, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben. John joined our tour around the city and we had a blast walking through London.

I think the main thing that I’ll not forget is the way the entire city looks like a set from a movie back in the old days. The taxi’s are those black, old cars, the architecture is so great and really depicts what you would have imagined London to look like. There was something so quaint about the city, that I felt I could live there easily. The streets were filled with people throughout the entire day, and the cobblestone streets were narrow and usually quite crowded as well. It was fun to see the cars on the other side of the road. I had forgotten from living in Japan how different it is.

So, almost every night, I spent out clubbing on London’s scene. It was great fun, met lots of great people. I’m amazed at how many Americans and Canadians there are living in London. I hadn’t had this much fun so often, that I really didn’t want to leave! The nights were spent until early in the morning when we would get back home, of course smoke-drenched, and sleep until midday. This is definitely a tour of a city I had not done before.

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