Surfing Lessons and Kayak!

Today I decided that I would do the surf lessons–I figured it was about time having been in Australia for this long and still not standing on board one of these things. So, I signed up to do a 2-hour surf lesson, and free 2-hour kayak in the area nearby. The van came to pick us up, and I was excited to see other traveleres in the van. When we arrived at the ‘camp’, we put on our surf shirts on. There were a bunch of kids in this as well–my favorite (sarcastic). Well, as soon as they started dividing us among people who had done it before, and people who hadn’t, I ended up to be the big kid in the group–surrounded by 8-12 year olds. Luckily the coaches were cool, and gave me extra attention to get me up to speed more quickly. I only fell a couple of times, but caught almost every other wave! I was surprised that I could do it so quickly, but my balance has always been pretty good being so close to the ground anyway :)

After 2 hours of learning how to set up for a wave, how to get on the board, and how to drive it in, We took a break for lunch. I had lunch on the beach, and then headed back to do my kayak. I had never kayaked before, and it was really cool. I was alone and just started paddling out to all the houses. It reminded me a little of Venice beach in California, because of all the canal ways with these gorgeous houses around. I had fun looking in and seeing all the nice ways housing has been constructed in the area. Very beautiful. After about an hour and a half, I headed back and put the Kayak back. That afternoon I stayed on the beach and enjoyed the people watching. In the evening, I treated myself to a nice risotto and seafood dinner, though, in Australian fashion of risottos, was a little bland :( I’ve yet to have really good risotto here, and think so fondly of Panta Rei back in San Francisco! I then headed back to the hostel and prepared for my flight home to Sydney the next morning–just in time for reality– Class at 6pm!

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