Swimming with Dolphins!

Today, Christine, a collegue from our France office, and I went to the beach to join a tour to swim with dolphins. We arrived early in the morning so we could depart at 8am. That meant, no breakfast–because in Adelaide EVERYTHING is CLOSED! Anyhow, aboard ship, we got suited up in our wetsuits and listened to instructions as to how it would work. Basically, when they see a pod of dolphins, they would yell, and we’d slide into the water being towed behind the sailboat. It was really fun, and we saw a three pods, and two of them actually came close enough for us to swim next to and see underwater. It’s amazing being that close to such animals in the wild. We spent most of the morning jumping in and out of the water upon calling, and had a nice day enjoying the warm sun and scenery. After we returned to the marina, we headed for a good seafood platter lunch, which had been well waited for by me! After our hefty meal, we went back to Adelaide to prepare for a home cooked Japanese dinner by one of our Japanese teammates.

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