Tango in La Boca!


After Teatro Colón, I headed for a quick bite to eat on the pedestrian streets of Florida and Lavalle. After lunch, I walked around to the Central Post Office and found bus 152 that takes me to La Boca. The sun started to come out so I was excited to see the bus come straight for me. I reached up my hand, and he passed right by me, but slowed down, as two ladies were waiting down the block from me. I started to run toward the bus as the ladies got on, and before the bus even closed the door behind the woman, he sped off! I was not sure what I had done wrong, but apparently, he did not want me on his bus. So, I waited at the next street down which had more people waiting on it, and I got on. Turns out I was going the wrong direction, so I got off the next stop, and crossed the street to get on the other bus. I got situated and enjoyed the scenery as we drove through downtown Buenos Aires.


Once off the bus at the end of the line, I headed for the street stalls selling artisan crafts. I headed toward the colorful area which La Boca is famous for. I wandered around for a while taking pictures of the colorful buildings and signage all around, and then found myself at the center of Caminita, where street Tangos are performed. There were two teenagers who were preparing for their dance, so I started snapping pictures. They enjoyed posing for me, and every few minutes, they would beckon me over to show them what I had snapped. It turns out they are brother and sister and dance there every weekend. They were magnificent, and quite friendly. During their dance, I snapped several great photos, and at the end, took a few posed pictures of me in Tango positions with the girl. They turned out great!


After their tango, I headed for a Submarino at another end of the street that had some Tango dancers as well. While sipping my hot cocoa, I watched them practice for their show tonight as well. They too wanted me to send them the photos I took during their practice. It was a great afternoon!

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