The Apprentice, Kelly wins…

So, the finale of the Apprentice was on last night, and I could not believe what an event it has become. Last year, I thought it was pretty big being a 2-hour show. But, last night’s was a 3-hour show! The first hour was showing the last job, but then the rest was just drawn out for so long. I can’t believe how rude reality TV has become. Jennifer, who I thought did a great job all along, was completely battered at this finale show with people standing up for Kelly, who I didn’t think was stellar at all. The speaker that I thought was the worst, was that man that stood up and said, I just don’t like Jennifer, but then, got so tripped up, nothing else could come out, and he had to sit down. Now who looks silly? I’m so glad Jonathan actually spoke up for her, because it was getting a bit ridiculous. These shows have become not as fun, but almost plain brutal.

One thought on “The Apprentice, Kelly wins…”

  1. the next season is going to be excellent – the high school grad street smarts versus the college grads. i’m looking forward to that one… i can’t beleive they said they already wrapped on it!

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