The Corrs Live!

Tonight, Mike and I went to go see the Corrs at the famous Warfield Theater in San Francisco. It was amazing! We arrived in the beautiful theater, and it was more of a very cosy type atmosphere that had tables set up for people to sit, and a main dance area. I couldn’t believe how intimate it was going to be, I mean, I could actually reach out and touch the singers! So, we made our way up front, and I can’t believe I didn’t bring my camera. Mainly because I thought that it would be so crowded, and holding the camera could be dangerous if they were strict about having them. So, I opted not to take one, but I sure did miss some great pictures. They sang so many songs, especially from their new album Borrowed Heaven. It was great! The lead singer Sharon was so cute and fun, and really worked the crowed. This is definitely the best concert I’ve been to, because the eye contact, the crowd, the atmosphere, everything was so nice that it made it a very safe setting. So Great! If you haven’t checked out their new album, it’s a must!

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