The New TransPacific Subway

So, today I witnessed something really funny and scary. As Joi, my colleague was on the phone asking someone about having our Transpacific Subway Map posted on the internet. This is a map that looks like a subway of our sailing schedules/routes throughout the Pacific. At that point, a woman was standing in front of me waiting for someone else in an office. She looked at me strangely and whispered,

“we have a transpacific subway now?”

I replied wittingly, “Oh yeah, we do”.

She said, “You mean it doesn’t go over the ocean?”

I smiled and said, “No, that would be the air way”.

Waiting for a chuckle or some type of acknowledgement of my wit and humor, I looked and said, Oh my, are you kidding?

“Kidding about what?”

“I’m so sorry, I thought you were playing with me. There is no transpacific subway. I’m sorry, I thought you were kidding with me.

She then replied, “Oh, well, I was about to say, wow, that’s amazing”.

So, at this point, two things really frightened me:

a) Who at this company would hire a person for a shipping company that thinks there is such a thing as a subway that crosses the spanse of the Pacific Ocean (-Announcement–Thank you for boarding the Transpacific Subway. The next stop is, Tokyo, Japan and we will arrive in 84 hours.)

b) Is this a reflection upon an educational system that didn’t work, someone of the general public, or someone who just doesn’t believe in lifetime learning?

Appalling. Yes. Joi and I have HOWLED over this!

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